Our Toddler Program: 15 months to 2.5 years with up to 10 children.

At Ascot Early Childhood we believe hugs and cuddles are an important part of your little toddler’s day. But there is also so much to see, touch, taste and explore. This is a very busy time for your toddler. They are busy discovering new things about themselves and those around them. Beginning to walk. Attempting to talk. Learning to listen. Toddlers climb, investigate cupboards, and take things apart. Our wonderful staff will provide both encouragement and a safe, secure environment as these busy little people develop self confidence.Our program includes a variety of stimulating activity, small group interactions, quiet time, free-play and independent exploration.


There are a variety of Activity Areas to encourage self-motivated discovery, which include:

  • Home Corner/Dramatic Play Area.
  • Motor skills Activities for developing strength and agility.
  • Blocks and Manipulative Experiences for developing coordination, dexterity and fine motor skills.   They also explore concepts of size, colour matching, proportion, shape recognition.  Sensory Exploration to discover the world around them.
  • Language and Music Time to develop language and literacy skills, and an introduction to singing, rhythm and movement.

OUR Toddler Program

Our toddler’s room opens out onto a covered verandah perfect for mealtime and other sticky finger activities such as painting and Play-Doh.

Their playground has specially designed equipment for their age including sandpit, bikes, black boards and climbing structures. At Ascot Early Childhood we will follow your lead in deciding the appropriate timing for toilet training. Our rooms have change tables and toilets readily accessible so we can accommodate your child’s needs and preferences. Contact us for more information on how our premium facilities and learning programs can suit your family or join our wait list the the link below.