Our Kindergarten Program: 3 to 5 years with up to 22 children.

Ascot Early Childhood offers a Pre Prep program to meet the developmental needs of three to five year olds. The program is designed to be interesting and fun so children don’t just learn, they develop a love of learning and discovery.  Throughout the program our fully qualified Early Childhood Teacher will be using the Early Years Curriculum Guidelines developed by the Queensland Studies Authority, just as you would see in a Preparatory classroom.


These guidelines are based on the play and inquiry based approach to learning, and include;

  • Social and personal learning
  • Health and physical learning
  • Language learning and communication
  • Early mathematical understandings
  • Active learning processes

Our program will integrate play with an abundance of literature, maths and science base activities.  By offering a wide variety of age-appropriate hands-on activities, children learn in a way that is both fun and educational.Our teachers will get children involved in extended projects to encourage the investigation of a certain topic (for example space, farms, Australia, the sea).  


OUR Kindergarten Program

Just like our classroom, our outdoor play area is divided into specific areas that encourage learning through play.

Your child can choose from a variety of activities which include nature study, sensory development in the sandpit, role play in the cubby house, running, climbing, sliding, ball games and much more.  Our outdoor program is divided up into a variety of free play and structured teacher based activities. Contact us for more information on how Ascot Early Childhood’s premium facilities and learning programs can suit your family or join our wait list with the link below.