About our learning programs

At Ascot Early Childhood it is our mission to set a new benchmark in premium quality education and care for young children. Our experienced teachers will allow your child to learn, play, explore and have lots of fun! Most importantly at the core of every activity there will be a specially developed curriculum to lead the way. Children learn in many ways, through observation, interaction, play and real life experiences. Play, however, is the fundamental medium for young children’s learning and is central to an effective curriculum. Our environment is characterized by flexibility, accessibility and responsiveness to change.


Toddler Program

15 months to 2.5 years
with 10 children


Pre-Kindy Program 

2.5 to 3 years
with 16 children


Kindergarten Program

 3 to 5 years
with 22 children


Prior to commencement, our Director will meet with you to discuss your child’s needs, provide you with a tour of the Ascot Early Childhood centre and its wonderful facilities and discuss your expectations from our program.

Every day is structured between exploring new interests and experiences, and a reassuring established routine. Short focused group activities are alternated with individual playtime, small group interactions and rest periods to keep everyone smiling, playing and learning.

At Ascot Early Childhood communication between staff and family is vital. Daily verbal feedback and written learning stories detailing participation in current activities and experiences will offer a clear overview of your child’s learning and development. nAt Ascot Early Childhood you will feel welcomed, informed and involved every step of the way. Contact us to book a show through of our beautiful centre and see our learning programs in action.