Hi Families :)

Yoga used to be thought of as alternative or new age, but in recent years it is widely celebrated for its many benefits and practiced by many.

Life is busy and at times stressful for adults as well as children. Just like we use yoga to take care of our bodies and clear our heads, children can too. And the benefits are just as amazing.

We have formed a partnership with Kick Start Occupational Therapy to offer yoga classes to our Kindergarten children.

The class is filled with fun as children are taught yoga poses and breathing through a series of games, songs and interactive stories. The classes will assist children with their balance, body awareness, concentration, co-ordination, strength and flexibility. The children will also learn to follow instructions and respect each other’s sp

As educators children’s overall wellbeing is our priority, and  yoga is one of the tools we use to promote health and wellbeing in our children.