Excursions to IGA Chapter 2


Hi Families :)

Today our IGA adventures continued with many of our toddlers eager to come along! The excursions have provided an opportunity to help our toddlers learn about turn taking and how to manage sharing turns as they develop understandings a bout fairness and inclusion through experiences such as excursions. This morning during our group time Easton shared some tomatoes he had picked from his grandma's house so we decided to buy the ingredients to make pizza from IGA. After our morning discussion Easton,  Laura , Louis and Axel and Easton's dad Kieren and I ventured off to the shops. 

Here the children were very enthusiastic to explore and be hands on throughout the shopping experience. Here they were fascinated by the size of some Halloween pumpkins and took turns to feel the weight of the pumpkin. This group was most definitely our most hands on group as they expressed their capabilities and sense of agency to be as independent as possible with the tasks involved in shopping. Upon our return they were happy to share their ingredients with the rest of our Kindy friends. We would like to say a very big thank you to Easton's dad for taking the time to come along and we know our toddlers very much enjo yed his company. 



Tomorrow we will be making strawberry smoothies and pizza using the grocery items we brought on our IGA adventures.