Excursions to IGA Chapter 1


Hi Families :)

This morning we did our first two excursions to IGA Ascot and it was such a wonderful experience filled with learning and the reminder of how capable and competent the toddlers are! Before leaving we spoke to the children about what they would like to buy and ensured we supported healthy choices and promoting healthy lifestyles. Using our reusable shopping bags we set off and our toddlers were very excited to venture out of Kindy. In our first group we took Dash, Senad, Tom and Massimo who were chatty as we walked along to the shops and excited to share observations of trucks travelling by and a lizard in a garden. Inside IGA they were demonstrating their prior knowledge of shopping as they helped to select different fruit and vegetables with confidence and enthusasim.

We decided on buying strawberries, carrots and hummus which we will have for afternoon tea. Here they were busy laughing, touching and taking in the experience with their peers. Throughout this experience they were independent with selecting the groceries, exchanging money with the very friendly shop assistant and carrying their groceries. Many people in the community greeted our toddlers and the toddlers would say hello and the people were amazed with their capabilities to manage the shopping experience as they commented on how clever they all were. We spoke about how fun our morning was and Senad shared "Senad happy" as we spoke about how nice it was to explore our community together. 



Tomorrow we will be making strawberry smoothies and pizza using the grocery items we brought on our IGA adventures.